125 Years Ago - 1892

On Saturday last the cyclist section of the 3rd Volunteer Battalion ( West Riding Regiment), which has been recently formed at Guiseley, had an enjoyable run to Skipton.The cyclists, in full dress, assembled at the Drill Hall under the command of Sergt. Jackson.

On Monday the employees of Greenholme Mills and the villagers generally participated in the annual holiday at Otley Feast. It unfortunately happened that the day was miserably wet, so that people could do little else but remain indoors. Some of the more venturesome visited the sea coast, but wet weather prevailed on both the Yorkshir e and the Lancashire shores. The proportion of inhabitants who left the town was extremely small

100 Years Ago - 1917

We have now entered upon the fourth year of war, and with no prospect, at present, of the terrible conflict coming to a close. With all the suffering, hardships and sacrifices this has meant to us, and must still mean to us, the end is most devoutly to be desired; yet it is our “inflexible determination” to “carry on” until victory for us and our Allies is achieved.

A n Addingham man was charged on Friday under the Military Service Act with failing to report for service. Defendant pleaded guilty and said he was under the impression that he was just over military age, and therefore did not report; had he thought he was liable for military service he would have reported. He had since found that he was not actually over military age, and was liable, so of course he must present himself for examination. It was an easy thing to make a mistake about age, especially in his case, because he had not troubled about his birthday for years.

75 Years Ago - 1942

This week saw the first meeting of the newly formed Wharfedale Prisoners of War Relatives’ Club. Leonard Booth, of Menston, the Hon Secretary, reported that the club had been formed a month ago to help local prisoners of war. Helpers were required, and relatives were asked to gather at these meetings to see what could be done, and what form the assistance should take.

Four Guiseley boys, Martin Jennings, John Ludley, Peter Ramsden, and Cedric Walsh sent a cheque for seven pounds and ten shillings to Mrs Churchill for the Red Cross Aid for Russia Fund. The money was raised by means of a wayside stall in Ings Lane.

50 Years Ago -1967

The grouse shooting parties will go out on the moors around Wharfedale on August 12 not knowing quite what to expect. The probability is that they will find fewer good-sized birds than in a good year, but that there will be a large number of younger second broods later in the season. “I have never known a season more difficult to forecast,” said one experienced gamekeeper. “It appears as if it will be a sort of two phase affair.” There was very bad weather in the nesting season with the result that many nests were spoiled. Some young birds survived, but there are few of them

A Canadian dog-lover who came to England looking for a black Labrador found what she was looking for at Otley, and her dog will be flying to its new home in Winnipeg. The Labrador is from the Crossgreen Labrador kennels of Mr Eric Gill. He has had considerable success in 15 years as an exhibitor and breeder and is breaking new ground by exporting one of his dogs for the first time.

25 Years Ago - 1992

Dentists in Otley have announced that they will not accept any new fee paying patients for treatment on the National Health Service from September 1. Their action reflects their anger at a cut in fees imposed by the Government last month.

Babies born on Yorkshire Day could be in line for a special treat - a commemorative cricket bat. A limited number of bats, signed by the Yorkshire County Cricket team, will be given to selected babies, born on August 1, in a bid to encourage the next generation of cricketers.