NO DETAILS remain with this photograph of these men in top hats - but it's a safe bet it shows some of the players in a historic Ilkley cricket match.

The picture could well date back to the late 19th century, which is when the Black Hats versus White Hats matches began.

Believed to have started in 1880 between shop-keepers and tradesmen the match became a firm tradition and was played every May Day Bank Holiday Monday until the Second World War. It then continued sporadically until 1994, before being revived again in recent years.

The rules of the match have traditionally been somewhat vague - with, at times, unlimited numbers of players on each side, broomsticks used instead of bats and right-handers being forced to bat left-handed. Participants have included the great Fred Trueman - and in1882 the start was delayed as some players arrived on donkeys.

White was definitely the colour when these poodles lined up to enter the ring at Otley Show. The undated photograph appears to be several decades old.

First World War sentences by Richard Thackrah:

Ilkley Council workmen want better pay; and the work in the highways, sanitary and parks departments is at a standstill.

Advert :Voluntary workers needed to assist the Council to maintain the town’s gas supply which is turned off between 7pm and 7am.

Strike eventually settled and the strikers will be granted 6d a day in addition to the bonus of 2s a week.

Tank Driver T.W.Saunders wounded when taken prisoner by the Turks and the Turks dropped a note over the Allied lines to this effect.