THE LAST council horse in Yeadon can be seen in this photograph which was taken in 1949.

The evocative picture, from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society, captures the end of an era.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: "The attached photograph is magical because it records a moment in time that could have so easily slipped past us without anyone knowing, or I guess caring.

"However on so many levels this is a true historic photograph."

He added: "Jean Walker shared this image with AHS and tells us that the man holding the horse is Fred Flitton, the horse was called Blossom. The boy on the left is Alan Close, brother of Brian Close, the boy stroking Blossom's face is Jean's brother Neil Baker."

It is believed the horse was kept on council owned land at the bottom of Henshaw Lane close to where the old railway station was sited.

Young musicians from Moorfield School in Ilkley posed for this photograph 20 years ago.

Pictured left to right are Bridget Pike, Katie Eddison, Lucinda Tallie, Dominique Mitchell, Linda Spinks, Emma Day, Phillipa Banister, Hannah Alan and Genevieve Sciter.

First World War sentences by Richard Thackrah.

Whitsuntide. Glorious weather and visitors in abundance. Many had to walk home to Leeds and Bradford at the end due to a shortage of transport. The weary searched for rooms and some spent the night in the open on the Moors.

Wharfedale and corn production. Due to the War 300 additional acres are to be ploughed.

Ilkley Military Service Tribunal: many pleas of medical unfitness.

Food control—save bread. Every slice consumed beyond what is actually required is wasted. Don’t waste any.