DRESSED in their Sunday best and with a band in tow this group could well have been on some sort of holiday parade.

But in fact the photograph shows the Yeadon Hunger Marchers of 1913 - when men, women and children took to the streets during an industrial dispute. The picture was donated to Aireborough Historical Society by Peter Brittle.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: "Men had been locked out of the local mills as the result of an industrial dispute. They were called 'Lockwood's Lambs' after Herbert Lockwood who was the Union Secretary. In July 1913 the men went on a hunger march to Blackpool to raise money for their families who were in dire need.

"They carried banners saying 'Collecting for the Yeadon and Guiseley General Lock-out Fund. On behalf of 8,000 men women and children. Subscriptions Earnestly Solicited'.

"In 1913 relief for striking workers was of a very limited amount, some funds from the Unions, but they ran out very quickly and some gifts from local retailers, but they couldn't be sustained for very long. Other retailers allowed credit to the families of local workers who were on strike but this of course had to be paid back, and, not all striking workers got their jobs back after the disputes were settled.

"Often the settlement of such disputes was simply that a man could not stand to see his family starve any further and simply had to return to work, if the mill owners would let him."

First World War Sentences by Richard Thackrah

Ilkley Military Service Tribunal. Man lands himself in an unfortunate position. A bakery proprietor applied for exemption for his baker. In his application the baker said that he was not himself a practical baker and in fact took little part in the business. The clerk pointed out that that the employer had himself obtained a certificate of exemption on the grounds that he was employed in the certain occupation of baker. Now he has stated that is not a baker and was in fact applying for exemption for another man who was doing the work in respect of which he had obtained exemption .It was decided to adjourn until the man had appeared before a medical board and obtained medical classification.