125 Years Ago - 1892

Thomas Myers, son of Everett Myers, joiner of Otley, was summoned by James Lambert, also of Otley, for wilful damage to a field of grass at Otley on the 15th instant. The defendant, who was a lad of ten years of age, pleaded guilty. Lambert said the field was constantly filled with lads playing cricket, on Good Friday evening there being 35 lads in the field. He wanted the practice stopping. The lad was discharged with a caution.

On Monday morning a man named Thomas Searle, aged about 50 years, navvy, employed on the new railway, had a fit near to Booth's Row, in Whack Lane, Yeadon. Dr Highmore was summoned but the man died directly. The deceased suffered from chronic disease of the heart. It is said that the man had been sleeping out all Sunday night, and this no doubt accelerated his death.

100 Years Ago - 1917

Major A Dawson, younger son of the Rev. Joseph Dawson, formerly superintendent of the Ilkley Wesleyan Circuit, is in hospital wounded. He was shot through the body in the attack on a ridge during the present offensive. He laid for over an hour with a dead man on top of him before he was found by his servant, by whom he was assisted and struggled a distance of eight miles to the nearest dressing station. A piece of shrapnel passed clean through his body, just missing his stomach.

Sergeant J. H. Edmondson, of Menston, has been killed by shrapnel wounds in the head. Only the week previous he had been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.

75 Years Ago - 1942

Ilkley Lawn Tennis Club has been facing difficulties. Member have been warned at the annual meeting that previous standards cannot be expected in the coming year. Not only is the membership affected, but the club is experiencing some difficulty in obtaining materials for repairs and renovations to the property. The year 1941 ended with a loss of £36 14s 1d.

Ilkley will shortly possess a new whole-time day nursery in a building which is rapidly approaching completion in Castle Road. It will provide accommodation for 50 children.

50 Years Ago - 1967

Mr and Mrs Fred Smith, who lived for some years at Ilkley, and now live at Bramhope, recently celebrated the the 72nd anniversary of their wedding with the prospect of another important day not so very far ahead. That will be Mrs Smith's 100th birthday. Mr Smith is 98 and so there could be, and all their friends will certainly hope so, what may be a world record for them to achieve in two years time. While on the subject of long life and birthdays perhaps it could be modestly mentioned that the Ilkley Gazette was 106 this week.

Ilkley Fire Brigade were called out on Saturday evening to a "false alarm with good intent." Seeing smoke emerging from the floorboards in the sitting room of his home, Mr Victor Walker, of 14, Sunset Drive, Ilkley, called for the services of Ilkley Fire Brigade. The cause was found to be a "back draft" under the floorboards from a domestic fire next door and into Mr Walker's home.

25 Years Ago - 1992

While searching through the old files for details about the Earl of Harewood, who is due to visit the area this weekend, we discovered a clipping from 1935 which was debating the point of how Harewood should be pronounced. It states: "Discussion has again arisen about the correct pronunciation and spelling of Harewood. The Vicar of Weeton has a plate in his church, dating from 1852, which reads 'Henry, 3rd Earl of Harwood', but a book published in 1822 refers to the name as 'Harewood'. A further reference is made by Canon Lascelles, a former vicar of the village, who once said the correct pronunciation was 'Harrod.'

Otley has the best fish and chips in the country - according to a national newspaper poll. Maypole Fisheries, in Cross Green, was nominated by more people than any other fish and chip shop in the country in a Daily Star competition to find the best chippie.