HEALTH and safety laws were still a long way off when this photograph was taken.

The undated picture, from the archives of Aireborough Historical Society, shows the tower at the entrance to Yeadon Cemetery, with workers perched precariously high up.

Archivist Carlo Harrison said: "This tower has since been taken down as far as the bottom two rooms on either side of the entrance which still remain.

"However, look at the wooden scaffolding, look at the men on the ladders going up the spire, no health and safety in operation in those days. I guess just common sense, if you're climbing up a ladder with two other men that high off the ground, be careful!"

Addingham Middle School turned back the clock to the Roaring Twenties when they performed Bugsy Malone in 1990. Transported back to the days of the Charlston, rival gangs fought out their battles on stage with "splurge guns" firing snow spray, and custard pies.

First World War sentences by Richard Thackrah

Letter on True Patriotism to the Editor of the Ilkley Gazette: - True patriotism is the sum and expression of the noblest instincts that the human being is capable of. It overrides love of home, of parent, wife and child, but even if they are gone it still remains and won't die.

Sgt Ingham, Australian Imperial Force and formerly from Ilkley, has been wounded a third time.