125 Years Ago - 1892

On Saturday afternoon an inquest was held in Otley, as to the death of Mary Ann Clapham, aged twelve years, residing at Main Street, Burley-in-Wharfedale, whose body was taken from the river Wharfe at 12 o'clock on Friday last. The girl was a half-timer and worked one day in the forenoon, and another day in the afternoon at Messrs' Fison's mill at Greenholme. On Thursday she told witnesses she would drown herself. Being asked for what reason, she cried and said that the overlooker had been finding fault with her brother's work.

The first accident of a serious character on the new railway at Yeadon took place on Tuesday, when a navy of about 50 years of age named Wm. Ewin unfortunately met his death. Ewin, along with a number of navies, were at work in the bottom of the cutting when a large quantity of earth and stones fell from above.

100 Years Ago - 1917

The remains of the late Lieut J. H. Ideson, of the Royal Flying Corps, were interred with military honours at the Ilkley Cemetery on Saturday afternoon. A service was first held at St Margaret's Church. The large congregation included representatives of most of the families in the Ilkley district who have suffered bereavement owing to the war. Many people lined the streets, and there was a very big crowd at the cemetery. Following the commitment rites, three volleys were fired over the grave and the "Last Post" sounded by two buglers. There were a number of very beautiful wreaths. One from Mother, Dad and Ethel, being "in sweet remembrance of two dear boys and noble sons, and a darling husband, whose duty was bravely done."

Several men who had previously been granted exemption conditional on joining the Volunteer Training Corps were called before the Military Tribunal at Otley on Monday to explain why they had not joined or put in the requisite number of drills. Various excuses were given, those of three farmers being that they were too busy to drill.

75 Years Ago - 1942

At a meeting of the committee of the Craven Memorial Institute, it was officially reported that the Ministry of Food had decided not to requisition the institute as a cooking depot, and the business of the institute could be carried on as usual.

Ilkley has beaten the Denby Dale Warship Week record to win the coveted championship flag. The total amount by Friday was £570,410 which was the equivalent of just over £31 per head of the population. Denby Dale's figure was £30 17s 6d. per head. Mr. H. W. Brumfitt, campaign secretary said Ilkley wanted a further £100,000 to beat Edinburgh and win the national record for a town of any size.

50 Years Ago - 1967

The West Riding's latest nightspot was inaugurated at a reception held at the Cow and Calf, Ilkley, where the restaurant has been given an Italian theme. One feature is unique in England. Each table is supplied with a telephone which diners can use to dial the tune which they wish to be played. They select the tune from a list of records and dial the appropriate number when the buzzer goes on the phone.

Most dictionaries do not include the word "waffle" but no member of Ilkley Urban Council present at the Finances Committee discussion on the Estimates Committee was in any doubt about what Dr. Marshall meant when he applied it to the arguments put forward for a period of some 50 minutes.

25 Years Ago - 1992

Repair work to prevent the main A660 Otley to Leeds Road slipping down the Chevin is running behind schedule. The £500,000 project was expected to be finished in April but it will now not be finished before the end of May. A road had been built over an old quarry which existed in the 1760's. The present A660, built to replace the old route, was based on a bed of unsuitable quarry rubble.

An Otley choir which has existed for over 50 years, has finally disbanded. Otley Methodist Church Choir has been searching for a choir master for nine months but without success.