THE ANNUAL Old Folks Trip has been an important event in Yeadon for many decades - and this picture from 1969 shows just how big it was.


A fleet of coaches can be seen parked on Albert Square ready for passengers to board.


The photograph was taken by Bryan Waite and was donated to Aireborough Historical Society by his family.


Archivist Carlo Harrison said: "There is a whole generation of people who grew up in Yeadon who will remember the annual Old Folks Trip, organised and paid for by Yeadon Charities.


"In days gone by this was a mammoth event with coaches filling the Albert Square in Yeadon before they set off and Yeadon Brass Band escorting them up, yes up, Yeadon High street when they returned, you could hear the band approaching long before you saw them or the coaches.


"It was a major annual event and crowds would turn out to wish them a warm welcome home."


Twenty years have passed since these young Elizabethans, from Westville House School, posed for a picture. They are, left to right, Fiona Bradley, Sophie Redlin, Claire Starkie, Jennie Wright and Sophie Thornton.




First World War sentences by Richard Thackrah.


Ilkley electrician's downfall. Sold over £100 of cable belonging to the Council. Promising career ruined. In the Navy and Royal Field Artillery earlier in the War. Instead of the maximum six months in jail, he got just two months.


Children's Holiday Home in Ilkley—letters of thanks from parents.They expressed thanks for the good these children had gained in the Home.They had put on a better weight with a credible attempt at character building.Their stay in the home proved a key background to their lives.


2nd Lieutenant Senior-Smith a PoW and in a German hospital.