125 Years Ago – 1889

It may interest some of our readers to know that Lieut. C. H. Kempson, R.N.R. eldest son of the vicar of Ilkley, has been appointed by the White Star Company to the command of their S.S. Oceanic, upwards of 4,000 tons burden. Captain Kempson embarked on the S.S. Britannic on Wednesday last from Liverpool for New York en route, by the Pacific railroad, for San Francisco, where he will join the Oceanic.

On Thursday about 70 of the mothers connected with one of the religious denominations in Burnley paid a visit to Ilkley, but unfortunately the weather was somewhat against them, rain falling at intervals throughout the day. Despite this fact, however, they had the pleasure of an hour’s drive in Mr W Crowe’s charabang and wagonettes.

100 Years Ago – 1914

The scarcity of cottages in the rural district of Wharfedale was under discussion at the meeting of the Wharfedale Chamber of Agriculture at Otley on Friday, and mention was also made of the destruction to growing crops by rooks. It was suggested that the farmers should set apart one day a year for rook shooting.

A famous prize-winning black English rabbit, belonging to Mr Walter Davey, of Otley, has just died. It was known throughout the fancy as “Champion Golden Wave” and during its life of four years it had been shown 117 times, and had gained 111 first prize, including thirty-nine awards as the best rabbit in the show. The latter distinction was gained at the Crystal Palace show in December last, when it won the Roberts Memorial Bowl. A couple of years ago its owner refused £25 for it.

75 Years Ago -1939

Now that Whitsuntide is a memory, and we today stand on June’s threshold, we may say with confidence that but for the many preparations for defence proceeding all around us, and the uncertainty as to what may happen in Europe even yet, we might be as happy and comfortable as we were before war threats and dark forebodings began to darken the sky. The weather at both Easter and Whitsuntide has been unusually kind, there have been opportunities for enjoyment as never before, and were it not for the ill-starred war menace we could eagerly anticipate the joy and satisfaction of improving trade and more employment.

Against the plunging into exercise when many people’s muscles are slack from Winter disuse, comes the advice of Dr Alfred Cox, formerly medical secretary of the British Medical Association, who has urged the health-giving value of one day a month in bed. We are told by more than one expert that a holiday in bed often turns out to be unexpectedly refreshing and agreeable. Normally we stay in bed when we are ill, which prevents us from enjoying and discovering its reflective charm.

50 Years Ago – 1964

An application to hire Ilkley Open Air Bathing Pool for a “beat and bathe” function on 22 August was refused by the General Purposes Committee of Ilkley Urban Council on Wednesday night. During the debate it was argued that the event would tend to attract undesirable people from cities and towns around Ilkley.

Ilkley Urban Council is contemplating asking the organisers of the Leeds Rag Day for an apology following the daubing with red paint of the Cow and Calf Rocks this week. At the foot of both rocks the daubers have written references to the Rag Day. The foot of the Cow rock bears the words “Rag – Leeds Rag 63.”

25 Years Ago – 1989

Business travellers all over Britain are now able to find out within seconds what facilities are offered by leading hotels in the Ilkley area. Local hotels and businesses have been given a free boost in an exciting new computer-based system that takes the hassle out of travel planning. It puts all the information a business traveller needs about local facilities at his fingertips.

A group of Bradford businessmen have lent their support to the growing campaign to force the Government into coming to a decision on the Leeds-Bradford airport hours issue. It is now two years since a public enquiry was held into an application to extend the airport’s operating hours, but the government verdict is still awaited.